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Settling a personal injury case as a legal guardian under Indiana law on behalf of your ward (protec

If you are the legal guardian for an incapacitated adult or a minor in Indiana, ideally your attorney has advised you already of what your role as guardian entails. A guardian takes on all the responsibilities and authorities of a parent, and is also typically responsible for preserving all of the protected person's property. The Indiana statutory framework discusses court review and approval of a disputed claim. Too many insurance companies are still not advising guardians of their rights and obligations in this regard. Nevertheless, your injury attorney must thoroughly understand the guardianship laws.

Who was driving your ward? Was the driver acting in the scope of his employment? How many other cars were involved? Are there skid marks at the accident site? Cameras? Have the automobile telemetrics and computers been properly examined? Have the driver and passenger cell phones been properly examined?

Multiple deadlines and evidentiary issues are at stake early on in a personal injury case. Make sure you contact your attorney immediately after the accident so that no evidence is lost and all deadlines can be met.

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